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Intros and Endings CD/Tape    Download
                 Get in and out of any song twenty-four different ways with this great lesson by Bill Brown . The entire lesson is taught “by ear” so there is no music or print to read.

Piano Blues and Boogie CD/Tape   Download
             Learn how to play Blues and Boogie while learning the Song “In the Mood” in a Boogie Style. This lesson is taught totally “by ear.”

Piano Improv 1 (level 2)  CD/Tape    Download
             This course on piano improvisation that teaches the 12 bar progressions and pentatonic scales in the keys of C, G, A and E in both a blues and pop style. You will also learn several improv phrases, also known as licks, in these keys.

Piano Improv 2 (level 2)  CD/Tape   Download
             builds on the course Piano Improv 1 but moves the student into the realm of Jazz by introducing major 7 and m7 chords. You will also learn how to use the major diatonic scale for improv against these more advanced chord progressions. The keys covered in this course are C, G, D, A, E, and F.

Scales & Chords 1  CD/Tape  Download
             This all-audio teaches all of the major scales with fingering for two octaves as well as the formulas for the major, minor and seventh chords.

Scales & Chords 2   CD/Tape  Download
             (2 Tapes/CDs) Learn the notes and fingerings for all 12 minor, harmonic minor, chromatic and whole tone scales AND the formulas for the m7, maj7, dim, aug, sus4 and sus2 chords. Course 1 is a pre-requisite.

Educational Deal 1—Piano Package CD/Tape    Download
                 In this package you get Piano Improv 1 and 2 and Scales and Chords 1 and 2 for only $42.95 Download is only $40!